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One-of-a-Kind Antique Furniture

Learn about the history of a one-of-a-kind dining room and a bedroom which is about 100 years old antique


All the furniture was carved by hand and made with woods considered precious.

It is a dining room & a bedroom completely handmade by Mexican and Italian artisans around the year 1930, completely handmade by the artisans, who engraved, recorded and carved all the wood that was used.

This is the story

     My grandfather, being single and thinking that he wanted to get married, came up with the idea of doing something special to propose to the woman who could be the chosen one of his dreams, so he toured Mexico asking for the best wood craftsmen, he has good luck to find not only the best Mexican artisans, but at that time and due to their arrival to Mexico to get rid of the 1st World War, a group of Italian artisans arrived and, together with the Mexican artisans, asked them to design and manufacture for he; the best dining room and the best bedroom they had ever made in his life; so they took on the task of manufacturing them, they cut them, molded them, carved and engraved them completely made by hand, then they sent all the furniture to Mexico City.
     My grandfather met my grandmother when he was almost 30 years old and she was barely 15 years old and he told her father that he had fallen in love with his daughter, he married her and as a bridal offering, he gave her this magnificent dining room and the fabulous bedroom that he had sent. to do for the occasion.
     My grandfather passed away when she was 45 years old.
     My grandmother bought an apartment on the 2nd. floor in a luxury residential area, and when the person who built the building was watching the move, she saw the dining room and the bedroom and told him that she would give him the apartment on the 10th floor. Totally free an apartment if he agreed to give her the dining room and the bedroom in exchange for her and at no cost to her.
     My grandmother said that she didn’t want, because it was the only thing, she had of her husband to remember him by.
     She never wanted to remarry because she loved him intensely, so she never wanted to sell the set either, despite the fact that she sometimes had offers of great value.
     My grandmother passed away a few months ago at the age of almost 105 years.

You can buy this magnificent furniture just one set or both

The dining room consists of various pieces of furniture

  • 1 expandable table, the first in the world
  • 6 chairs
  • 2 head chairs
  • 1 complete showcase
  • 2 carvers (1 with its own mirror)
  • 1 good size Venetian mirror
  • 1 service desk
  • 1 lamp

The bedroom consists of various pieces of furniture

  • 1 high headboard
  • 1 feetboard
  • 1 bed frame
  • 2 donkeys
  • 1 full vanity with a large mirror
  • 1 stool
  • 1 large wardrobe
  • 1 armchair with armrest

Download a PDF with the pictures (just click at the picture each set)

This is the dinnig room

This is the bedroom

Both sets are invaluable, after reading the story and how they were made we want to hear your purchase proposal
Do it directly to the Email, Whatsapp or Telegram: 

Ambos sets son invaluables, después de leer la historia y como fueron hechos queremos escuchar tu propuesta de compra.

Hazla directamente al Email:, Whatsapp o Telegram: 

Email: arqmasri@yahoo.com.mx

Whatsapp: +521 55 48412404

Telegram: EliteSpacios 


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